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7 Tips and Techniques for Mastering Website Redesign

Is it time to hit the refresh button on your website? Whatever your reason for redesign, here are 7 tips and techniques to master it.

Know Your Goals
Analyze and benchmark your current stats to establish a starting point for improvement. Do you want to see more monthly unique visitors or a higher keyword ranking in SEO? Measurable goals like these are crucial to your redesign because they allow you to create a reasonable timeline for success.

Know Your Competitors
Your competitors are essential to inspiring innovation in your redesign. Knowing who they are and how they handle their online presence will help you discover what you can do better.

Optimize Your Site for Search (SEO)
Redefine your keyword strategy before creating content. Your keyword strategy should be consistent with your goals for the new site. It should include page elements like titles, pictures and video that will attract the most traffic.

Content is King
Before launching your new site, create a compelling content calendar. Your content should be an inviting and informative reflection of your brand’s uniqueness, credibility and professionalism. Like hiring a graphic designer, it may be beneficial to hire someone qualified to generate and monitor your content.

Usability is Key
The usability of your website is key to the success of your website. Users come to your sight with a purpose. If your website is difficult to use or your content is hard to understand, people will leave. Once your design is fully implemented you should test it for ease of use.

Use Creatives to Captivate

A compelling web presence is one that captivates and inspires its visitors. Implementing creative design work in the layout and subpages of your website is a great way to attract new customers and keep your current customer base returning to your site.

Never Sacrifice Innovation
Invest in design. Don’t be afraid to try something new like adding a blog or creating a new template. Use innovation to showcase your originality throughout your website. It is what sets your brand apart from your competitors.

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