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The Secret to a Successful Brand Strategy

There is never a bad time to focus on your brand. Whether you are in your first of fifth year of business, a brand strategy can help you align your brand with your marketing efforts. When focused on one particular business challenge, a brand strategy will engage with your brand and improve its relationship with your audience.

The secret to a successful brand strategy is a focused brand strategy. Instead of the ‘ALL IN’ approach, your strategy should focus on one key challenge. Here are four challenges to consider for the focus of your next brand strategy:

New Corporate Logo

Before wasting thousands of dollars on a new corporate logo, plan your approach and leverage your current brand value. This can save you time, money and help maintain brand loyalty. You want to make sure the stylization of your logo will align with the attributes of your brand. For example, if your brand has a sophisticated appeal, you want to make sure your new logo conveys that quality. If your logo feels outdated, now is the time to modernize your identity so that it aligns with your brand attributes.  Your marketing will benefit from a brand strategy that focuses on your logo.

Website Redesign

A redesign is typically a symptom of a business operations or marketing/IT related issue that has allowed the website to be ignored for too long.  Many times, the website needs to be updated to reflect business changes and corporate direction. Unfortunately, there is often a web developer caught in the middle of updating site content on a website that exists on outdated code. A brand strategy with a focus on website redesign encourages you to plan your redesign to address the top three criteria of a good website; what it says, how it is organized, and that it can be easily updated on a regular basis.  Optimizing your website with a responsive design solution for mobile phones and tablets will increase its reach and help transform your website into a true business tool for your brand.

New Product or Service

The role of your brand is often overlooked when launching a new product or service.  You should always define the product, develop its brand, then market it’s features and benefits.  Many experts agree that understanding how consumers view your brand can be crucial to the success of a new product launch. This type of brand strategy should be focused on reducing your consumer’s perception of risk and maximizing the effectiveness of your product or service offering.

New Marketing Campaign

Your brand is the foundation of your marketing and PR efforts. With this mindset, you can more easily create a compelling story that has meaning in your marketing initiatives. Identify the right mix of call to action messaging, graphical style/tone and target audience “pain” points to make a connection. A brand strategy focused on a marketing campaign revitalizes and repackages your brand’s value, promise and attributes to create new associations and customer relationships with your brand.

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