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Add Purpose to Your Website Redesign with Apps

If you have an emerging business with a great environment, focused culture and supportive team, your corporate website may need a hiring solution to match your pace of growth.

Most Web Content Management and CMS platforms allow for third party integrations that can transform your website into a real business tool by connecting other functional areas of your business, such as recruitment and hiring, e-commerce and online payments, security and encryption, membership management, cloud-based productivity solutions, social platforms, blogs, and a whole lot more.

Have a Web Integration Party before your next website redesign!
Working together with the leaders of T. White Parker & Associates, we were able to craft a website redesign strategy that included a custom website design and WordPress CMS implementation, integrated with a customized recruitment and hiring solution (CATS ONE) to staff and support their contract wins.

How do you do it?

  • Make a list of current stand-alone applications you use to run your business. Include everything from email marketing and social platforms to business development, recruitment, sales and project collaboration.
  • Determine common denominators across operations and function, staffing, skills and expertise and technology platform and costs.
  • Categorize and prioritize. (Connect and consolidate)

If you feel your website could be connected to your business in a more valuable way, don’t be afraid to have an integration party to get things started.  You can improve the results of a website redesign initiative by giving real purpose for an improved user experience that supports your business end-to-end.

If you are not sure how to get the party started, give us a call.  brandEvolve is here to help you make your integration party successful.








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